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Kursus Vektor Online

Vector Borne Disease Online Training Course For Kedah State Year 2021
 📅 Available From 25th April 2021 until 31st October 2021
 🗣️ Inviting all Medical Personnel (Government and Private Facilities) From Kedah State to Join
 ⚕️ Organiser: Vector Borne Disease Control Unit, Kedah State Health Department
Topic :

1) Dengue and Chikungunya
⏳ Duration:1 hour

🎥 Video Link:      Dengue Chikungunya 1         

📝 Pre-Test Link 
📝 Post-Test Link

 2) Malaria
⏳ Duration: 1 hour

🎥 Video Link:    Malaria 1          

📝 Pre-Test Link
📝 Post-Test Link